Wednesday, August 11, 2010

ABOVE is a photograph from life of THE INKLING COLLECTIVE, during a class trip to THE TREE GARDENS on THE QUAYS. We went to go "SMOKE APPLES" a.k.a. "SHISHAING" and were getting mad buzzed about things like "our connection to indie flick THE WACKNESS and our fav WAVVES tracks".

Roo and Lou, pictured, are just 2 examples of the ALT TYPES you should expect in THIS ART COLLECTIVE. Roo has is a 'bonified-tatted-boyhipster' who can appeal to young girl types who want to get into things like THE POST SECONDARY SCHOOL HARDCORE SCENE and also have 'a thing' for Miley Cyrus's brother. Lou is a 'bi-dyke-girlhipster' with 'humongous-breasts' and appeals to EVERYONE who wants 'a piece'.

Anyways, that was just one day where we used SHISHAING as an example of the kind of culturally relevant things we COLLECTIVELY like to do.

- L.A.


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